Let’s Go Onward Ya’ll [Podcast Episode]

You Gotta Believe!

“What’s In My Cup?”

Gin + Jam (serves 1)

  • 1.5 oz Gin
  • 1-2 tsp Jam of your choice
  • Juice of 1/4 lemon
  • 1-2 Dashes of bitters
  • 2-4 oz seltzer of your choice
  1. Place all ingredients except seltzer and some ice in a shaker and shake vigorously or until jam is fully dissolved.
  2. Pour over crushed ice and top with seltzer. Enjoy!

Quarantined? Don’t Get Mad, Get Creative!

Hey ya’ll. Nik Here and I get it. You’re stuck inside, and have been for 10, 14, 30 days, you’re going crazy and you just want to do…SOMETHING! I’m in the same boat. Here in DC, I’ve been on quarantine for a little over 2 weeks now with my parents and, somehow, my 19 month old niece. It’s been an adventure to say the least. Between chasing around a toddler, trying to navigate family relationships without having a huge blowup in a place you can’t leave and just wanting to go to Taco Tuesday, becoming anxious, depressed, or unmotivated can seem like just a day away. However, I’m here to tell you, there’s something else! With so much time to ourselves, whether we are able to work from home or not, there’s opportunities to take on activities that bring you peace, productivity, creativity or a new starting point. Follow me as I give you some tips and ideas for occupying your time during this period of stillness and uncertainty!

Get Active

Ok, so I’m just going to rip the band-aid off with this one. Most of us don’t want to hear that we should be working out or getting even a little exercise in everyday, especially me, BUT I’ve gotta say it’s true. I will be the first to say historically, I have not enjoyed working out. I like the results, but the action of making myself breathless and sweaty without a naked guy involved has just not been my thing. But during this time, I have been able to motivate myself to move a little more through fun and challenging workouts. Whether your gym has a virtual studio, you have an app you enjoy or you’ve found YouTube videos to follow, there’s so many options. Here are a few:


I’ve found a few YouTubers who are great to follow that offer all sorts of workouts at every fitness level, with or without equipment. Here are some of my favorites:

MadFit – A great home workout focused YouTuber with many programs that are geared towards those in apartments (low impact, little jumping) all the way up to those who have equipment and are more advanced. You can also follower her IG @madfit.ig

Sweet Sweat – This one is a company that has a workout enhancer, along with a few others product, that has taken a foray into fitness videos. What makes them unique, is that they bring in several trainers, fitness gurus and other bit fitness influencers to bring a variety of workouts at every fitness level!

Simeon Panda – We haven’t forgotten about you fellas! This is a fitness influencer who is about his business. He has like a 12 pack abs or something crazy and offers you advice and workouts on how to get the same! He’s got workouts for various levels, but does focus more on gym workouts which you can modify for home. As a bonus, he even offers meal advice to help you achieve whatever your results are in the kitchen as well!

Workout Apps/IG:

When it comes to workout apps and IG, I tend to use the sparingly because they’re on the phone and I like a bigger screen to focus on when I workout. However, I know many of you love having the ability to workout anywhere in just the palm of your hand, so here are some that I actually really enjoy!

Nike Fitness App – This is a huge one! It’s under the Nike brand and has every kind of workout you can imagine. For gym, home and everything in between and at every fitness level. During this quarantine, they’re also offering free premium to get access to even more workouts! I have actually been using this one on and off for years and it’s my best friend when I travel! Check it out

Couch to 5K – If you’re not into running, but think you might want to be, check out couch to 5K. A running program that gives you a training regimen to get you to running over 3 miles in just 60 days. I’ve used it in the past to run the Color Run 5K as a challenge to myself in 2016, but was recently reminded of it by one of our twitter loves @thecutpodcast1!

Get a New Activity

There are so many opportunities to expand your skillset. Whether it be cooking, crocheting/knitting, decorating or drawing, there’s plenty of resources out there to have a new party trick once we’re allowed to party again!


If you listen to our podcast or even followed along on our Food Month series you know I am a total foodie! I have a food/lifestyle blog, an IG where I cook about 4-5 times a week, a youtube and a Pinterest focused all on delicousness, so I am definitely one to advocate for cooking. No matter your cooking skill or desire, it’s kind of necessary right now, so why not either learn a new skill or a new cuisine? Here are some of my favorite cooking things:

The Kitchn Cooking School – In addition to cooking, The Kitchn offers lessons on cooking basics and techniques. You can learn how to broil and sear, sauté or make pasta! For those who have been learning to do more professional style cooking, this is a great opportunity to use what you have to create new and fun dishes!

Michael Symon’s IG TV – I am a HUGE fan of Michael Symon. His greek background combined with his love of BBQ and American classics gives him a great perspective on food. He’s also super personable and makes watching enjoyable, which is extremely important if you’re going to be cooking along for 20 mins or so!

Serious Eats – This is one of my favorite websites because it combines love of science with love of food and cooking. It not only gives you a recipe, but gives you the why behind why it works. From flavors to techniques, grilling to baking, you can find a recipe in nearly any cuisine you enjoy to learn to make.

New Skills and Activities

There are a few other things I’ve been enjoying are new activities and skills. I’m currently on a journey to learn the basics of screenwriting and looking at interior designing as well. Though Tiffani mentioned whittling in our podcast giving similar tips, you can pick up any skill, but here are a few suggestions:

Share your Own

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I know there’s so many things we can do during this time. Most of us in the US have at least another month of quarantine ahead of us, so there’s ample time to create new habits. I mean, they say it only takes 21 days to form. What will you do with your time?

Let us know and don’t forget to follow us on socials!

Nik’s Pick’s – Fall 2019 TV

Hey ya’ll! So the best season of the year is upon us. The season of cooler weather, amazing wardrobe choices, ALL OF THE CINNAMON and new & returning TV shows. I get especially excited this time of year because besides the amazing warm comfort dishes like soup and cinnamon rolls, there are a bunch of my favorite TV shows returning, as well as new shows to latch onto. Here, I’m going to break down some of the tv shows I’m looking forward to, as well as the ones returning I can’t wait to watch! Keep reading for my picks!

Returning Shows

Criminal Minds – CBS, Sept. 26

Entering into it’s 15th and *Final* season, this crime thriller is one that has captured a dedicated audience for more than a decade. With its look into the motivations and psychology of it’s UnSubs, along with the interweaving of personal relationships and office politics, Criminal Minds‘ final season is sure to deliver a wild ride of cases to be solved, loose ends to be tied and possible return appearances from agents who have left the BAU. Me personally? I believe this show should’ve probably ended around 2 seasons ago, especially considering some of the story lines they’re trying to push, (JJ & Reed…really?!), but I will be tuned in nonetheless.

How To Get Away With Murder – ABC, Sept. 26

Another one of my favorite shows that is entering its final season, HTGAWM is a whodunit type drama that explores how far people are willing to go to get what they want, even if someone has to die along the way. This show is one of the most consistent in style, characters and plots, that it’s easy to see why people stan for this, and other, Shonda Rimes shows. While some of the legal loopholes are far fetched and even downright unrealistic, Viola Davis’ performance as Annalise Keating is unmatched. The rest of the cast has all of the right ingredients to push the storyline and allow you to become invested enough that you pick a favorite and root for them to win…or, at the very least, not get caught! If you know me, you know I study Viola as an aspiring actress and there’s so much just in this series alone to teach 3 years worth of classes!

This Is Us – NBC, Sept. 24

If you’ve ever found yourself crying, no sobbing, into your couch pillow on a Tuesday night, chances are you’re watching (or just finished) This Is Us. While some like to refer to this show as “trauma porn” or “emo bait,” I have to ask, “What’s wrong with feeling?” The writing in this show is so relatable when it comes to conveying emotions that exist between parents, siblings, partners and, sometimes, even strangers. I believe we’re so far removed from our emotions and fed so much to numb the pain and “get over it”, that exploring these feelings through the lenses of a modern, American family is just what people need to feel again. On a side note, I recently watched a movie by the creator of the show Dan Fogelman, called Life Itself. Also a tear jerker and one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a while. If you want a full review of that one, just let me know!

Big Mouth – Netflix, Oct. 4

This may be the raunchiest pick of all of the shows, but I can’t pretend that I’m not excited about this show coming back! Big Mouth is a ridiculous animated take on puberty as told through the experiences of the pre-teens, hormone monsters and, sometimes, includes the adults of the show. The best part of this show is that, even though it’s in your face bathroom humor, it manages to address things dealing with sexuality that even as adults we don’t always have figured out. I’m not sure what Nick Kroll was on when he created this, but I might need a little bit of that. If you haven’t seen an episode of Big Mouth yet, I suggest you catch up before the new season drops. All episodes are available on Netflix!

Other Returning Shows I’ll Be Watching:

  • Hot Ones – YouTube, Sept. 16
  • Castle Rock – Hulu, Oct. 23
  • AHS 1984 – FX, Sept. 18
  • The Voice – NBC, Sept. 23
  • The Good Doctor – ABC, Sept. 23
  • The Resident – Fox, Sept. 24
  • The Masked Singer – Fox, Sept. 25
  • Law & Order, SVU – NBC, Sept. 27
  • Saturday Night Live (MAYBE) – NBC, Sept. 28

New TV Shows

Bluff City Law – NBC, Sept. 23

Ok, so I’m cheating a bit here because I’ve actually already seen the first episode of this show! I was actually invited by People Magazine to attend a screener for Bluff City Law a few weeks ago. I gave a quick synopsis and first reaction to the pilot episode on our twitter, but I will refrain from sharing my full thoughts until the show premiers, as to avoid spoilers. What I can say that for me the Memphis set pilot was a bit rushed and did not take the time to give you a true sense of why the father/daughter main characters want to avoid working together, or how some of the existing relationships exist. However, the show was interesting enough and had a cliffhanger ending that will ensure I’ll tune in for at least another episode. Overall, the show seems to weave in legal and family drama in a way that’s similar to past shows, such as The Practice with an aesthetic similar to other legal shows like Suits. Bluff City Law stars Jimmy Smits (NYPD Blue), Caitlin McGee (Grey’s Anatomy), Jayne Atkison (Criminal Minds), and Barry Sloane (The Whispers).

Prodigal Son – Fox, Sept. 23

Of all of the shows premiering this fall, Prodigal Son is the one I’m most anticipating. The premise of the show follows Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne, The Walking Dead), a criminal psychologist for the NYPD, who has a manipulative mother and a father who is a serial killer (Martin Sheen, Masters of Sex). He is constantly being pushed by his sister to take a break and live a life outside of working, but works on a team for his mentor who craves perfection. With Malcolm only feeling at peace when he’s helping to solve murders, should we be looking at him as a psychopath himself? At least one person on his team thinks so! This show is very much on brand for me and I think it has the potential to do well. Fox had a great crime thriller show on its network in the past, The Following, which was great until it wasn’t, then it fell fast. So the potential for this show to do well is there with the story, the cast and the network. Let’s hope it lives up to it.

Evil – CBS, Sept. 26

A very interesting take for a horror show, Evil explores, well evil, taking into consideration both science and religion. Katja Herbers (Westworld) plays a skeptical psychologist who will team up with a priest in training played by Mike Colter (Luke Cage) to see what really is the cause and explanation behind the evil in this world. I really believe that if done properly, this show could really show the similarities in those who solely consider religious explanations and those that solely rely on science. What will be necessary for this to happen is to remain neutral in it’s solutions and neither sway too far on one side or the other, rather putting the information out there and letting people decide for themselves. I love the concept and think it has potential to be a good show that can stay around for about 3 seasons.

All Rise – CBS, Sept. 23

I have to admit here, I’m not 100% sold on All Rise, but I am all in on Simone Missick (Luke Cage) in a lead role in a tv drama on a major network! This show explores the LA Legal system from the judges to prosecutors, public defendants and clerks. Missick herself plays a newly appointed judge who is coming off of being a leading Deputy District Attorney who is determined to provide justice, no matter whose feathers get ruffled. My apprehension here is that the show For The People on ABC exists and, by all synopsis available right now on All Rise, seems to be quite similar. The main differences being the positions (and ethnicities) from which the story is being told. So I’m in on the show, but definitely hope it gives me something different beyond shows I already watch! All Rise also stars Jessica Camacho (The Flash) and Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie).

Other New Shows I’ll At Least Watch Once:

  • Mixed-ish – ABC, Sept. 24
  • The Politician – Netflix, Sept. 27
  • Almost Family – Fox, Oct. 2
  • Criminal – Netflix, Sept. 20
  • Bob hearts Abishola – CBS, Sept. 23
  • The Unicorn – CBS, Sept. 26

Alright people, that’s it for me and my fall tv schedule! Do you think I have the right shows on my list? Any that you also plan on watching? Or even some that you think I should add? Let me know in the comments or find us on twitter or instagram and let me know there! Until next time!

An Ode to Lizzie Saltzman

Legacies: Season 1 || Episode 10 || Author: Tiffani

Okay okay okay…I’ve been totally slacking on the Legcies reviews lately. Just life and tiredness and….wheew…lets just move on from that. I’m going to be bulk reviewing the last three episodes. Okay, no..I’m going to be gushing over my new favorite character with some other bits thrown in between. Look, I can’t help it! The last few episodes have turned me into someone who’s more or less sympathetic but mostly ambivalent about Lizzie Saltzman to someone that absolutely adores her. She’s close to topping my favorite baby Mikaelson, okay? That’s what these last few episodes have done. Now if only Plec and co could do that for Landon Kirby!

Anyways, on to the review!

If you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you pretty much know how this episode goes. Well not really, the wisher died in the Buffy episode (praise hands for Cordelia Chase everyone! Lizzie’s archetype) and the wisher in Legacies was more or less protected

Anyway, Lizzie and Josie come stomping (well Lizzie stomps, Josie more or less glides) back into school after Alaric forgot to pick them up from the airport. Hope tries to come to his defense, motioning towards the newest creature attracting artifact, and Lizzie, rightfully (in my opinion) shuts it down. It would suck that after getting off of a long ass flight, your rides ditches you and you’re forced to find alternate means of transportation. For hours. Through bum-fuck Virginia (I can say that, I live in the DMV — an area where the lines between DC, Maryland, and Virginia more or less mingle. Turn down one street, and you end up in another state. Literally. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion). She got a lot of flack for throwing a hissy about this on the interwebs but…bruh….I’d be pissed too. Like, we not family anymore pissed.

Lizzie goes off to her room to calm down and in pops the Monster of the week Abblah (Djinni if you’re nasty). Djinn followed Lizzie from Alaric’s office having sensed that the fairer Saltzman twin would be more susceptible to her charms. To make this part short, I’ll just separate based on wishes:

Wish #1:I wish Hope had never come to this school

I dream of Djinni

This one doesn’t seem so bad at first glance. I mean, Alaric is actually a decent dad. Training his daughters instead of Hope Mikaelson —the person at the school that unarguably needs the least training— because she’s not there! Liz is happy because her dad wants to spend time with her and her sister.

Of course, there’s a downside. Without Hope: they’re broke AF. Like…eating off brand Cheerios broke. Like we can’t even afford a Swiffer duster to clean the cobwebs, broke. Like, no one wants to sit on the couches without covering them first, broke.

Without the money, it’s harder for the Salvatore school to find willing recruits, and therefore no cash from other students with wealthy-ish families to help supplement every day costs. Lizzie’s all:

So, she takes a page out of Hope’s witch book, and spells a dusty old globe into an interactive locator spell for supernatural creatures. The brighter the spot on the map, the more powerful the creature. Alaric and Josie notice a huge bright spot on the map in —if you watched The Originals— you guess it! NOLA. Birth place of the one and only….Hope Mikaelson. And she’s inherited her mother’s decorum

(above gif set found here)

Except this Hope is a full on tribrid! Still having lost her parents, Hope has triggered her vampire nature and the Salzman’s find her mid-feed in Russo’s. This whole segment highlights one of my biggest gripes with Legacies and it’s revisionist history with Hope and her lack of family. Hope still has *deep breath* Freya, Kol, Rebekah, Marcel, Davina, Keelin, and Vincent (who she sent Landon to not even 3 episodes ago). None of who would let Hope go one a feeding free for all in the middle of the day. Powerful as Hope is, the combination of those 7 would be able to come up with something to temper baby Mikaelson’s more Klaus like tendencies. It would’ve made more sense if they’d met Hollow!Hope instead. But I digress….

They bring Hope back to school where Alaric immediately attaches to her, while a sullen Lizzie (and a weirdly joyful Josie) look on in the distance. Time for…

Wish #2: “I wish there was never a Salvatore School to begin with

This one, the bad parts (for Lizzie at least) are immediately apparent. She’s in the backseat, for crying out loud!! Josie is sporting longer hair and a cooler outfit (not school appropriate, mind you. I went to public school, so I know okay?!) while Lizzie is in a plain shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Lizzie follows behind Josie, trying to get the low low on their place at the school. But Josie is having none of it and asks her sister to please keep her mental health issues in check. This is where I started getting annoyed.

My favorite duo

Josie’s obviously thriving at public school. She’s dating that Connor kid, she’s homecoming queen, and best friends with mental-health-shammer and all around horrible person, Dana. First words out of Dana’s mouth shame Lizzie for being bipolar.

“Kinda glad she and Connor and done for”

Alaric, on the other hand…is a drunk (and this is different from normal Alaric, how?) who for some reason hates teaching? Even though it was literally his job for all 8 seasons of TVD (I think? IDk I stopped watching that show around the time Care-bear got magically inseminated with the twins)
Josie starts giving Lizzie a hard time for not stealing some watch that Stefanie Salvatore’s dad (clunky way of not name dropping Damon Salvatore) gave him. Point is, Josie is looking to expose her self to her boyfriend. But not in the way that you think! She wants to show him that she’s a witch. And also…exactly in the way that you think. Lizzie is less than impressed (same girl!)

Either way, Lizzie runs off to do Josie’s bidding (because deep down, Lizzie does want her sister to be happy). She finds her father passed on drunk in his classroom (how does he still have this job). Abblah (djinni) gives Lizzie the business about wishing her father’s dream away (which…what? Alaric created the school primarily to be a safe space for his daughters. Not to be some kind of Supernatural Noah). She tries to get Lizzie to make another wish, but Lizzie’s more or less on to her game now. She’s just gonna ride this one out. At least there’s no Hope!

Remember when Hope used to be a redhead?

On her way to give Josie the magical watch, she spots Connor and Dana making out in the school parking lot. (Also…what?! If high school kids are gonna cheat, even they’re smart enough not to do it out in the open!). She tries to tell Josie, but she ain’t hearing it. Josie goes off on Lizzie for being a drain on their family and the reason they’re all so unhappy all the time.

And Lizzie, predictably, loses control of herself and has a magically induced tantrum in the middle of school! But who comes to the rescue in their slick car with the suicide doors? The one, the only Hope motherfudging Mikaelson.

Gif curtesy of katyazhuravlik

Along with Kaleb, Jed, and the cutest little baby witch this side on NOLA, Pedro. Josie and Hope make eyes at each other, and the pleather clad avengers squad whisks the Saltzman’s off to…The Mikaelson Academy.

Turns out, instead of entering into a suicide pact with his brother, Klaus Mikaelson decided to do the fatherly thing and live for his daughter. He created the Mikaelson Academy, probs because he finally cottoned on to the fact that his daughter was lonely and wanted friends. Or to create a secret army of supernatural kids totally devoted to him to replace the sireline he lost back in TO season 3 thanks to his sister-in-laww, Davina Claire. (lets be honest here, Klaus is not THAT altruistic).
Lizzie gets tired of watching Hope and her sister getting cozy on the couch, which leads us to….

Wish #3: “I wish Hope Mikaelson had never been born

Immediately….this scenario is straight BASURA! Lizzie wakes up on a bus bench surrounded by flyers of some of our faves ( MG, Emma, Rafael, and KLAUS). Kaleb, the one that woke her up in the first place, is urging her to bring them to new underground railroad for supernatural creatures. Turns out some agency called Triad (remember them) have ramped up their efforts to kill all supernatural creatures, sending most of them into hiding. What started this supernatural Holocaust, you ask? Why, none other than Klaus Mikaelson and his wife Caroline….deep sigh

No shade to the Klaroline fam, I just….that was dumb detail to add

Without the unconditional love of his daughter, Klaus went on a Hybrid style killing spree, outing the entire supernatural community to the world. Triad’s really out to kill him, which HA! Without that random white oak stake that Klaus his for some reason or another, how bruh?

Anyway, Lizzie leads them back to the Salvatore house. It looks abandoned from the outside but inside, they find a funeral in progress. “Who died” Lizzie asks, which gains her the ire of one Penelope Park. Alaric comes in before anything can really happen.

Once alone, Lizzie finds out that the funeral was for Josie. And that Lizzie herself was the one that killed her. Naturally, Lizzie doesn’t take this well.

She starts having an episode, but Penelope is there to knock her out before she can really get going.

Alaric and co lock her in the dungeon until she’s calm enough to be released, which ….counter-productive. And lowkey reminiscent of what society used to do with people who had mental afflictions in the olden days. They don’t really address this in the show, so let’s just hand wave that.
Here, Djinni finally lets her real motives out. If Lizzie wishes the urn (Malivore artifact #2) to her, then she will reset Lizzie’s reality. There are plenty of pluses to Lizzie just giving in and doing what Djinni wants: Josie will still be alive, Alaric will be happy, and all of Lizzie’s friends will be safe and sound (mostly Pedro. Pedro is Lizzie’s only friend….more on that later).

But Lizzie, because she’s awesome, doesn’t bite the bait. Yes, she would get to fix everything but then the monsters would win. And this supernatural apocalypse (that has still yet to be defined in show.) will be unleashed on the world!( which… will all supernatural creatures die or will it just release all of the ones inside? If it’s the latter, what’s the real harm? Sure, there are creatures in there that’re, but they already live in a world full of vampires, witches, and werewolves. All of whom have done PLENTY of damage all by their lonesome).

Djinni ups the anti-by showing Lizzie the supernatural war currently happening right above her. Triad’s found the Saltzmans’ hiding place and is seeking to kill all the creatures they have hidden there. The students seem to be holding their own for now…

Original gif set found here

But you can tell the tide will turn eventually. They’ll all die, Lizzie’s father included, if she doesn’t do what Djinni asked of her. Still, Lizzie refuses. So Djinni tries to attack her emotionally, calling her selfish and broken. Lizzie cops to all of this, saying the thing that sparked my love for her…

She does make a wish, however. Wishing that Djinni had never met the creature that stuck her in Malivore in the first place. You see, Djinnis’ are born having to complete 500 years of service, granting other people’s wishes. After the 500th year, they’re free. Abblah was thrown into Malivore on year 499, so you can see why she’s salty about it.

Abblah is both surprised…and grateful. Lizzie freed her. But there’s a catch. Lizzie won’t remember anything she learned during her wishing spree. That means, she won’t have knowledge of the axe that’s been unknowingly hanging over the twins’ heads since birth —the infamous gimini merge. The reason their birth mother has been mostly absent this past year. And the reason Lizzie inevitably kills her beloved sister. Abblah warns her that because of this, there’s a huge chance that Lizzie will kill her sister some time in the future. Abblah apologizes for that, but is thankful for her freedom all the same. She snaps her fingers as a tearful Lizzie begs to take her wish back.

Boom! We’re back where we started at the beginning of the episode. Lizzie’s staring at herself in the mirror, but instead of Djinni, in walks Josie alive and well. Lizzie runs to her sister and embraces her. Lizzie and Josie are both confused as to the reason, but Josie seems grateful for the hug nonetheless.

gif set found here

Lizzie apologizes to her dad about her hissy fit earlier (I still think it was warranted) and admits that Hope is a sore spot for her (more on that in episode 12!) but her mother gave her some tools to cope with her episodes (like a good parent) which she’s been trying to use ( to hilarious effect in episode 11). She and Hope meet in the hallway, the latter of whom tries to extend a literal olive branch to the other. Lizzie isn’t having it, which is odd given her more recent overtures, but we do get insight on that in a later episode (again, episode 12) and it makes complete sense in hindsight.

All this time, Lizzie has been talking to someone (we get flashes of her making a sandwich in the kitchen and hear her voice over her interactions with Hope and Alaric). And who is Lizzie talking to? Her bff Pedro, of course! After she unloads, she sends the baby witch off to bed…without his sandwich! She eats it while she ponders over why she feels different, but can’t seem to come up with the why….

I care that instead of being welcomed at the airport we were forced to take a shuttle ride that smelled like an open sewer….and feet!” – added because my mom, who was hopped up on painkillers at the time, woke up out of half sleep to chuckle at this. Anyone that has taken public transpo in the DMV knows that it’s not the best. Anyone that has ever taken public transpo in the US, knows that it doesn’t always smell….fresh

Oh thank God. I mean, don’t get me wrong that is a terrible idea, but but for a second there—” “And I’m going to have sex with him” “…yep that was it.” – Lizzie is a gem

“…sonofabitch” –Lizzie again

I dunno, Lizzie. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on.” – PEDRO!!!

But you said you wanted to talk!” “Did I?….I can’t imagine why” – Pedro and Lizzie again. More of these two please.