About Us

Hey!! Thanks for taking the time to visit Black Girls Do Stuff Too! A podcast and website about everything Pop culture, movies, tv, music, food, current events and more. We’re Nik and Tiffani and we’re SO glad you decided to check us out.

We decided to start BGDST because we felt as though there was not a lot of representation in commentary about film, tv and pop culture especially when it came to black women and topics outside of “Black” movies, tv shows, music and celebrities. And while we are always eager to give our 2 cents in those areas, there’s so much more to us as individuals and Black Women in general. We hope that no matter your gender, ethnicity or nationality, you’ll take the chance to hear us out and then basically become our best friends as we take our seat at the table of entertainment discussions!

Nik – The Foodie and Horror Film Fanatic

I’m Nik: An actress and writer, a foodie (check my blog here), a lover of scary, sci-fi, thriller and psycho-thriller films and tv. I also enjoy comedies and action…and I’m not really one for “chick-flicks” — except Twilight. I admittedly love those guilty pleasure movies #TeamJacob. When I’m not watching TV or movies, you can usually find me researching the science in something I just watched, diving deep into fan theories, or cooking on Instagram.

Outside of movies and food, I love beauty, music and fashion. I’m also a connoisseur of pop culture and current events and usually have the tea on the goings-on. And I’m a southerner, so it’s always rich and sweet!

Tiffani – The bookworm & Queen of Spoiling

Hi I’m Tiff! And if a book is being made into a movie, chances are I’m gonna read it (or at least wiki it). I love shows starring kickass women who, well, kick ass. Dragons, and mermaids, or big government conspiracies? Sign me the f*ck up. Outside of action, I’m a sucker for anything that is willing to explore the complicated nature of people (hello The Leftovers). And if there’s a character that just wants to see the world burn, they’re probably gonna be my favorite. Oh and and ships? I have plenty (Jonerys, Clois, and Scolia fans stand up).

Outside of pop culture, I’m a babysitting, wannabe acting, novice knitting government worker. And don’t ask me for tea. Strictly coffee for me.

Be sure to tune in to our weekly podcasts and leave us comments to let us know if you agree or disagree with what we have to say. You can talk to us here on Black Girls Do Stuff Too or on instagram and twitter!