Food Films Month: Ratatouille

A very special month of episodes. Join us as we discuss movies and tv that place food at the center of their stories. As a bonus, we’ll be including one FREE recipe with every episode. This time? Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits!! Enjoy!

But it’s a rat though…I don’t want your food bro!

We’ve Got Credentials – DC Black Film Festival Preview

Nik and Tiffani were accepted as official credentialed media for the DC Black Film Festival. We’re super excited and talk about those emotions as well as some of the films we’ve gotten to screen and what you should look out for!

Episode 16

Save the Last Dance, starring Julia Childs, I mean Stiles…

All Things Spider-Man with So I’m Watching This Show!!

Thank you SOOO much to Wil and Kristin of So I’m Watching This Show podcast. We had a great time and can’t wait for part two talking about Spider-Man Homecoming!!

Episode 12

“IT’S WHAT I BELIEVE!!” – Kristin